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Readers Respond: How Do You Deal With Difficult People?

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Only God Can Change Difficult People

Even your wife or husband or children can be difficult. If you try to change difficult people you might get hurt or go crazy. I tried to change my in-laws one time, but I went crazy. Thanks be to God who restored me. I washed my hands in innocence and I turn them to God to change them. Be still and know that I am God, He says. Obey God, do your part and He is faithful and just to do His part. Pray for difficult people and keep doing right. They want you on their side. Influence them, don't let them influence you. May God strengthen you as you do good. Amen.
—Guest The anointed of God

Ignore Them

The best thing to do with difficult people is to ignore them. They hate that.
—Guest janiehinojosa

Difficult Person: My Mother

God has not given me a wife to accompany me, so I live with my mother who is most neurotic. Even the most innocent remark can send her to being angry. Blasphemy, curses, and humiliating words come out of her mouth. I used to return "the kindness," and I always felt guilty because of that, showing I had trespassed. Then, unexpectedly, my Voice called to me saying that my mother has been given to me by God. He chose her for me as a mother and I should respect her. There are still quarrels over minor issues but I never let her down, because she is my sweet mother according to the words the Voice told me before. I learned to love her, too.

I Deal With a Difficult Person Every Day

I try my best to ignore him and I pray a lot, but I think I need some advice on what I should do.
—Guest lisa

God is Love

I deal with difficult people through the grace of God's love. It takes the eternal love of God to deal with people. The Bible says in Matthew 5:16-17 to let your lovely deeds be seen by men that your Father which is in heaven may be glorified, 1 Peter 2:12. Thanks. Jesus is Lord.
—Guest Emmanuel V.BlessingsI

Be Christlike

In all situations, we need to guard ourselves that we do not sin against God in the way we think or respond to difficult people. Continue to walk on His path of righteousness. In our anger, do not sin. God's covering of protection will be upon us and we will shine for Him even more. Love overcomes evil. God will do His beautiful work in His way, in His time.
—Guest Jeni

A Soft Word

You taught me that this is an opportunity to practice real love with a 'soft word' for the person concerned.
—Guest christine

It Is So Hard

I deal with a lot of difficult people in the ministry, and I got a timely message through your article.
—Guest christine

Tolerance and Prayer

Lord, I have difficult people in my life. It's not easy to wake up in the morning, and the moment you dress to leave your house, you think you are going to face them. I surrender them into your loving presence. I ask you to change them. I know they could be suffering from several situations, and that's the reason they can't see the other person happy and pick on them for no reason or the silliest reason, either to insult them or torture them with the most hurting words, or just feel happy that they have humiliated them. Lord, ease their situations and make them happy so that they can radiate that happiness to others. Why should they get curses from others when people can just bless them for who they are.
—Guest Michelle Gonsalves

Prayer for Difficult People

Pray for difficult people. David ran away from Saul because he knew he could not protect himself. What if our boss is difficult or a co-worker who ranks higher than we do? This is not someone you can easily challenge. By depending on God and praying for that person I have found peace of mind and a forgiving heart. Life is so much easier when I don't allow them to get to me. I have made a decision to pray for them and turn my frustration over to God.
—Guest Brittney Smith

Worst Situation in My 20 Year Carreer

I met an employee (lady) with histrionic character. She always loves to talk over the phone in the office. I prayed for her. Convinced her. Loved her, praised her, but no vain. But still praying to God for the betterment of her. And she is now confessing her mistakes, but can not change her. Maybe it will take much time.
—Guest Das P.

Fasting and Prayer

I have to deal with a difficult boss daily. It was so bad I dreaded coming to work. Then I went to the Lord in prayers. I fasted for three days and prayed hard, with the help of my family. Now, as I like to say, Jesus has chained him for me. He is less abusive and leaves me alone.
—Guest Mimi

I Say So Long to Difficult People

I have been faced with difficult people all of my life. They are that way because they feel it serves them, so I say, "so long."
—Guest Shawna

Demon Influence

I believe all evil behaviors or characteristics are of demonic influence, thus why they do not see or feel effects of their doing. Demons are spiritual forces only dealt with in prayer by actually coming against their intended purpose and mission in that person's life, and then apply God's purpose. It is not the person, per se, but the devil. Apply medicine to the wound. Everyone is born a wonderful being.
—Guest gentlejonah

Best to Ignore Them

I found in past experience that bullies and difficult people have personality problems, and one is far better off to ignore them. It always worked for me. People hate to be ignored.
—Guest kathleen matthews

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