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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: How Has God Helped You Through Hard Times?

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Lord I Need You More than Ever

Lord, I love you soo much. I am strongly leaning on you and know that through you all things are possible. I have been going through a very tough time the last couple years. At the age of 16 I lost my brother to brain cancer, since then things have been so rough but have placed all my trust in you and have never lost hope. I am now 27, very unhappy with my current situation. I am now living in NYC but terribly unhappy and depressed with my job. I have been diligently looking and also trusting in you. Nothing has come up this whole year, but I refuse to give up hope. To make matters a little harder BOTH of my parents lost their jobs. My dad has been unemployed for three years now and my mother a year in a half. Since losing my little brother I have never seen such faithful people as them. I don't want them to lose our house, the house with so many great memories I shared with my brother. I am crying out for help, Dear Lord. I know you have a master plan, its just so hard sometimes.
—Guest Abundantly faithful

Thank You My Lord!

I cannot say I've been great all my life. I was a better faithful before the last year. In my heart I know every mistake is something to learn from, every sin is to rebel and toughen. Thank you my Lord that You make me see and acknowledge my wrong doing. I pray that God gives me power to understand better and finally have enough trust in Him to say: "No to anything that goes against my Lord's word". Today I see better, thanks to all those who prayed for me, thanks to God Himself that showed me a light inside of me that I thought it died. I will only say; I am a lost sheep and God left all others to look for me. How special is that? What a lesson to toughen up, and learn how important I am to my Lord. my God is Jesus, and behind Thy Cross I am protected! Merci Segnieur!
—Guest Just a daughter

Divine Moment

Three years ago, I was almost killed by a drunk driver. I've lost everything only to discover a new me! I've always been the caretaker of the family. Since this accident, I've been through many emotional roller coastal and surgeries. My life has changed and I'm not able to work. Two years ago, I started keeping a diary of my journey; meanwhile, reclaiming by life back and not being a victim, but an advocate for the people who have been affected my tragedy! I give all credit to Jesus for carrying me when I don't have enough strength to go on! God is still in control when nothing seems to be going right! My epiphany moment is stumbling up on this website and asking me to share my story! My prayer is that this story encourages someone to hold on to their faith! God is still steering your path no matter how many stumbling blocks are set up in my way! I'm still on a walker but I know God is a faithful and a healer.

Sunday Prayer to Child Jesus

I have been doing the Novena to the Child Jesus for 8 Sundays now, and will be done next Sunday. I have been asking for him to help me with a relationship that I'm in. I ask for him to show me a sign, if this was the right person for me, and if not, to please help me to move on and for him to also find the right person. I have dream of the baby Jesus before even doing this, and have had many things happen, to let me know that he has heard me paying to him. I thank you baby Jesus, for helping me in these 8 weeks, for being so kind in showing me signs, for me to be patience. I promise to let people know of all the good that he has shown me. God is good!
—Guest Lily

God is Great

God is all I want in my life no matter what. I believe God with all my being.. I'm in situations which are difficult for any lady at 34 without a kid or husband, but I guess that I still trust him because he is who he says he is. He said he is the provider, he will provide a child and a husband for me. I trust him because he said he is a healer, so I believe so. Recently for the past four years was not feeling okay and last week I was prayed for and got healed then and there. I will forever have faith in him cause everything is his, any other thought are lies from the bottom hell.
—Guest miss gee

Divine Provision

I thank the Lord who has seen me this far. I have a wife and a son. We fellowship in church together. We have gone through very tough financial hurdles but God has been graciously providing for me. I am believing God to provide for us to pay rent of 3 months. I've been given one week to pay by and auctioneer. Pray with us that the Lord intervenes. God bless you.
—Guest asaph mwangi

God is So Real!

God is so real. I am 19 and he saved me at 13. I love him. He answers my prayers on the spot. He's my best friend! He healed me, spoke to me, restored me. I have a very unique faith. God is just unexplained good to me. My life was a mess before I met my king/father. I am truly a princess.
—Guest kmm2

God Saved Me from Hell!

I got saved born again when I was twelve. When I was a teenager, I backslid, I got deeply involved with doing drugs, sinning but even though I ignored God when he said that it was wrong for me to do these things I did it anyways. After I backslid God didn't give up on me. He knew I wanted to numb the pain I was feeling inside and I had doubts of his existence. He eventually led me back to church and I rededicated my life back to him. Since, I had my doubts of his existence, he showed me proof that heaven and hell is real and that the bible is basically like a history book, except the revelations hasn't happened yet! I don't know where I'd be without him. Since then he has stood right by my side through out my life. I thought I had friends, but I had none like Jesus, he is my everything!
—Guest Betty

My Help Comes From the Lord

I have been through a lot of struggles in my life and God has used every one of them to shape me and mold me into the woman I am today. I'm 25 years old and when I was 18 God found me and changed my life dramatically. Most of my struggles happened after I became a Christian. If you are reading this, please know that God's word is true and he is Faithful. Every hardship and trial you face can be used to bring glory to God and to humble us and bring us closer to the Father. In our weakness God's strength is perfected. Its ok to be weak, your weakness provides an opportunity for the Lord to demonstrate his power and faithfulness to you. I went through a horrible season for a few years where I felt trapped by so many things. I felt like a failure and I felt I had missed God's will for my life. Friends, if you are reading this, please know that God's will for your life is very simple!: love the lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and love your neighbor as your self ...
—Guest Dove Eyes

Lost and Broken

I need God more than anything right now. My fiance -- soon to be husband -- committed a horrible crime and is now paying the price. I am depressed most days and I hardly eat cause of it. I don't pray as often as I should or as often as I'd like to but when I do pray, God always helps me. I am so lost and broken without him. God please give me strength, courage and hope. I will be strong and patient with you for I know you will help us in this time of need. Lord, I love you, and not only want, but need this man in my life. Please bring him home safe and soon. In Jesus' name, Amen.
—Guest nikki

He Let Me See My Own Faults

I got saved at the age of 17--and then I started a 19-year cycle of backsliding on-and-off. I have gone through a tremendous spiritual breakthrough in the last 24 hours, and it is because God showed me that the state of my spiritual life was entirely my own fault. I have lived in 7 different states and 2 different countries in the last 19 years, and in that time I did not fully live up to my potential as a Christian woman by using the anointing He gave me to bring souls to Him. That is because I was more concerned with staying thin (by any means necessary), spending copious amounts of money on clothing so that I would always look nice and attract attention, and catering to the sexual advances of men in order to please my flesh. In the midst of this, I hurt my husband by not being a Christian wife, and I hurt my daughter by teaching her to be a good person, but not how to be Christlike. I know now I failed God and the gift of his son Jesus Christ. But I will live for Him only now!
—Guest Toni

Hope Beyond Hope

I am a staunch Christian ... or would like to think so, but I have currently hit rock bottom. I have been searching for work for the past 9 months to no avail. I have continuously prayed to God but have not had a breakthrough! I have no one but Him. I am in a nasty relationship, my mother does not like me as I appeared to do better than her other kids prior to this. I work really hard always give thanksgiving and barely use any of my earned money on myself. I do honour my parents as the bible says. I see a lot of undue jealousy and enmity around me. People have gone out of their way to stop me from being employed. The father of my 3 children does not care whether I have a job or not and insists I pay huge expenses concerning the children. I fed, clothed, entertained and attended all school events of my children without his assistance although we all live in the same house. I am a thoroughly good, sincere and kind-hearted person. God please, please, help me.
—Guest Guest Anita

Struggling - Unemployment, Lust, Pride

I am 40 plus years of age and I'm still struggling with overcoming a difficult situation in my life until some times I feel like giving up and terminating. But since I don't want to displease God, I try to hang in there and deal with the situation and issues that confront me on a daily basis. It's extremely difficult, especially living with family in an estranged relationship, etc.
—Guest Ronald Holmes

Prospering with God

God has been amazing in my life. When I was at my lowest, Jesus came through for me. I have learned that there are things we must do and things we must allow Jesus to do in our lives. We must not try and be God and allow God to do what we need in our lives. Surrender to him and allow him to bless us abundantly. My prayer is for all of you who are reading this that supernatural miracles are coming to you. Healing, financial blessings, and relationships restored. Amen.
—Guest netti

God Saved Me

When I think about my past, I don't see any light. I was depressive, didn't get along with my family and tried to commit suicide twice. But God had plans for me on earth and showed me the light. God saved me from darkness even though it took a while. After I got baptized everything was getting hard again. My father left us, family was falling a part and we have no money, but I won't lose hope nor faith cause God has already saved me and I'm sure he will save me again. I don't know when or how but I know he will cause he said it himself ... ask and thou shall receive ... and I know my God is a God of truth.
—Guest Dmbs

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