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Readers Respond: How Has God Helped You Through Hard Times?

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My Hope for Tomorrow

As long as I have my faith in my Lord and Savior. There is always hope for tomorrow. So I lift up my voice in praise and worship. Lord you are good all the time amen.
—Guest Fe-Fe

He Has Done More Than Enough

I've been facing some kind of spiritual problems. Ever since i knew myself. Each time i sleep at night, i'll experience some kind of oppression. By the time i wake. It will turn out to be failure on me. I mean after they have oppressed me in the dream as the day breaks if i go out to look for job, ask for something, or had am appointment, it will be a negative result because i've been oppressed its like they hate taken my victory. It really pays to serve Jehovah God. I turned to Him and i'm delivered without going to meet prophets. It can still work for you.
—Guest Paul Chukwuma

Dance of Praise!

I am an aspiring ballerina from Sydney Australia. When I was 16 I triped at school & broke my knee. I had 3 surgeries over 2 years in which I was bed ridden & had to learn to walk again. The Doctors said I would never dance on pointe again. I had to prove them wrong because there was no way I could live without dancing!! I did & now I'm on a scholarship at the Joffrey Ballet School New York! I have a meeting with the directors of a professional Christian Ballet Company this week, I pray that this too will work out, after all he helped me to dance again! I dance for Jesus! Praise the Lord!!! :)
—Guest Rhiain

God always comes through

Money is tight in my household. Last month I accidentally overpaid my cable bill by $130. When I contacted the company, the rep said they don't give credit. To get the money back I would have to tell my bank to stop the payment AND it would take the cable company 30 days to refund the overpayment. I was panicking because it was already 5 days since the incident so the bank wouldn't refund the money. When I checked my latest cable bill it was going to be the usual amount. I kept saying God, I need a miracle because I really can't afford to pay an extra $130 to these people. Today I looked at my bill again and the credit had been applied!! I'm so happy. Thank you Jesus!
—Guest Joanne

God help me

Iam 32 yrs old,I never worked before.im a bread winner at home,i owe the loan sharks and Iam living in a shark with my mum and siblings.I believe and trust God that he will see me through this situation
—Guest Ntombi

God is merciful

I had a very miserable childhood and my heart has always been filled with hatred anger and low self esteem. i googled God help me because i really want Him to help me get over all this. He has been so merciful to me and i know He is able. Also i am going through a very trying moment at work place,some sort of restructuring but i am earnestly praying to God for a promotion and i believe with His immense power i have it.He has taken me through so much in the same workplace and i believe in His faithfulness.God help me get rid of this anger and hatred,i want to live for you and you alone. nithing is impossible with you Lord meet me at my point of weakness and give me and my family a better happy life. I desire to be more positive than i am. I know that your anger is for a moment but favour upon my life is forever. Your thoughts are more than the sand.I bless you my God.Amen
—Guest Kom

god. is good all the time

I lost my job at the school in 2011 been haveing a hard time but I god is. Able to help me I. Fath in him I love my god.
—Guest jimmy anthony

God's Love

Ive been blessed in a way that i never knew was a blessing i am a recovering drug addict. For so long in my younger years my mother was an addict i watched her destroy her life wit drugs and alcohol,never understanding how she coukd allow such a small thing to control so much if what and how she did things.we were alwats moving everything was unstable there was no money sometimes no food ,new clothing or just badic things ypu need to survive.i had lots of hatred and anger in my heart.now i suffer from the same addiction problems my mother had.God has showed me this part of that storm to open my heart and my eyes to the struggle it is on a day to day basis for addicts.had i never experienced it i would have never understood it. Ive been so bad on drugs numerous times to the point of loosing everything i have owned ,things i worked hard for.i had to learn this lesson so many times because for some reason each time i struggled with it i wasnt getting what God was trying to show me pain=jo
—Guest Brandy

Ask and It Will Be Given To You

I asked God to guide and tell me if my current relationship is the one He destined for me. The person I am with is also a Christian and a good man that you can't ask for more but I still keep praying for God's "answer" for my prayer. For few months we were both happy but we are in a long distance relationship because of my work. Until few months later, he told me that he decide to part ways with me due to his load of problems to take care of and I really do think he need to give the time for me to his other personal and family problems. At that time, I was not hurt because he can't lean on me during his down times but I remembered my prayer to God. What was in my mind was, "So God is NO." It took time for me to get over him even though God said NO but God help me to recover. Right now, that guy and me are good friends and he is now with his "the one". I asked and it was given to me. Glory to God who watch and take care of us.
—Guest REN

l will be still & trust him

Oh God! my life has been a misery especially my school life, l have been a dissappointment to everyone, my mom now carries the burden of my failure, now l dont know what to do pliz help me Gold, sometimes l just wish l did not exist in this world. God you noe l also want the best, u noe how hard l try but l dont noe what happens, pliz be with me, l will be still and trust u coz l noe u ae there, now can u pliz answer me Lord, why???
—Guest Eve

He is real.

I prayed for god about seeing a friend i frighted with he answered the prayer i saw her coming back on the bus I was amazed it god's telling me sort it out with her. because he love's us and wants us too put things right too make us a good person.
—Guest Joseph

God is faithful

God has seen me through many difficult circumstances in life as a Christian. Front the birth of my son Isaiah, to being evicted with just the clothes on my back, and nearly on the street, to difficult relationships. I know god is faithful and will never forsake me, I know that in my heart, but I am struggling with a deep depression because of a situation that I am in. The depression is so deep that I am loosing all hope for anything in life and joy and peace. And I sleep a lot too. Please pray that I go back to church , that I continue to pray, and read the bible, and the depression lifts, and I have peace and joy again and that my situation improves. I know somehow god will come through....
—Guest Helen

To be continued...

I do not have a testimony just yet. But I have promised myself to come back here after God helps me through this tough time and then I can share my story and how he helped me.
—Guest ST

I still believe

I am a single mother of four. I have been through so much I can't begin to list sometimes I feel like Job, but I know God had the first and last word in my life. It doesnt feel good at all. I struggle alot financially. My truck is broke, just was evicted.and the list goes on , but I still believe God is going to restore everything that the I've lost and double my blessings. In Jesus almighty name .Amen.
—Guest king's kid

Waiting on Jesus

God always make a way for those who wait on him. He is a faithful God and he will coverlet US down
—Guest Ann

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